Duncan Aldred, Vice President of Buick-GMC Sales, Service and Marketing, sat down to talk all things Buick and GMC with Autoline. The VP looked dapper and confident—and so he should. Both brands are performing exceptionally well. Aldred explained why the success of Buick and GMC is happening and why it will continue. Aldred spoke at… Read More

On today’s new car market, the full-size pickup segment has basically morphed into its very own luxury car niche. Thankfully, the folks at GMC understood this innately, and they’ve responded to this market change with stylish new products like the 2015 Sierra Carbon Edition. They also know that customer choice and customization are major parts… Read More

You can’t have a GMC brand without excellent pickup truck options, of course, and the folks at GM have delivered another excellent, all-new pickup for the 2015 model year. The GMC Canyon, a new midsize truck designed to draw more buyers to the brand—especially buyers who put a premium on fuel efficiency—will debut as a… Read More

state-of-the-art brake facility

If we had to pick an area of the car that goes most underappreciated until something is wrong, we would have to say it is the brakes. Think about it for a minute? Without the brakes you couldn’t realistically drive anywhere without getting into an accident. Well lucky for you, the engineers at GM put… Read More

AutoPacific’s 18th annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

Turns out the Lang Advantage doesn’t just make truck buying simple, it almost guarantees you’ll be extremely satisfied with your new 2014 Chevy or GMC car, truck or SUV thanks to AutoPacific’s 18th annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards. The combination of the questions asked by AutoPacific is aimed at providing the best indication of how satisfied… Read More

GMC Yukon Denali

Kansas City Chiefs fans were probably glued to the TV screen this past weekend, as most fans of NFL teams surely were. That’s because from May 8-10 The 2014 NFL Draft was being held in NYC. While Chiefs fans were likely keyed in on the likes of Dee Ford, Dat Thomas and Aaron Murray, there… Read More

People buy trucks because they are strong, reliable, have a great towing capacity the list goes on and on. One thing you’ll seldom find truck buyers considering is how they can fit their baby seat in the back seat. The 2015 GMC Canyon is changing that. With an innovative design change to the rear jump… Read More