Buick Avenir Luxury Brand

Buick has seen major growth among buyers who want the best of the best in a luxury vehicle. A whopping 90% of Enclave buyers bought one of the top two trims, indicating that there’s a clear demand for top-tier luxury. To answer that demand, Buick announced the launch of the Avenir luxury brand. The Avenir… Read More

Duncan Aldred, Vice President of Buick-GMC Sales, Service and Marketing, sat down to talk all things Buick and GMC with Autoline. The VP looked dapper and confident—and so he should. Both brands are performing exceptionally well. Aldred explained why the success of Buick and GMC is happening and why it will continue. Aldred spoke at… Read More

In any public service campaign, the goal is to make the message memorable. You want to put together images that convey a simple idea so those who see or hear it will retain it. Buick of China, working with the agency Lowe and Partners, has made such a campaign. But to understand where the company… Read More

new Buick Convertible

Here at Lang Chevrolet Buick GMC, we know that we have many of the world’s greatest vehicles in our current inventory. However, it’s still been hard not to be jealous of Opel, Buick’s sister brand in Europe. The past couple years, GM continually sent some of its hottest ideas to Opel and kept them away… Read More

state-of-the-art brake facility

If we had to pick an area of the car that goes most underappreciated until something is wrong, we would have to say it is the brakes. Think about it for a minute? Without the brakes you couldn’t realistically drive anywhere without getting into an accident. Well lucky for you, the engineers at GM put… Read More

Buick is always searching for the next generation of designers. In its 110 year history, the company has continually sought to hire people who bring new perspective to the world of automotive design and may be able to give them a competitive advantage in the future. One way in which they recruit young talent into… Read More