I don’t know if you’ve heard, Lang Chevrolet Buick GMC customers, but football is back. In fact, our beloved Kansas City Chiefs play their home opener this Sunday, and we’re here to provide you with the very tips for the most successful tailgating experience you could ask for. Read these tips, take them to heart, swing by to check out our lineup of SUVs and trucks, and then head out to enjoy the game on Sunday.

successful tailgating experience

Our first tip is probably an obvious one: make sure to arrive early at the stadium to get set up. Getting there early will help you find the perfect parking spot, set up camp, and have everything cooking—literally and figuratively—by the time all your friends show up for the pre-game party. Plus, the earlier you get there, the earlier you can get to the eating, and then you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy a meal, clean up, and head inside the stadium in time for the coin toss.

Make sure to use your vehicle’s cargo space efficiently, too. Whether you’ve got a truck with a big truck bed or an SUV with a cavernous back end, there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to pack. We could go on and on with tips, of course, but here’s our bottom line advice: when Sunday comes, don’t get too carried away planning the “perfect” experience, just remember to have fun.

However, if you do want some more in-depth picks, check out this awesome BuzzFeed article with no less than 41 tailgating tips. Our personal favorite here at Lang? The idea of floating a big balloon over your vehicle so your friends can find you in crowded stadium parking lots. If you don’t have your tailgating vehicle yet, we can certainly help you out with that. Go Chiefs!

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