How many guys out there have always wanted a muscle car? It’s basically a rite of passage in boyhood to have Hot Wheels or Matchbox toy cars and even more so to gravitate toward the muscle cars so we’re willing to bet quite a few. Now we wonder aloud, how many guys out there actually got muscle cars? We’re thinking significantly less, because when it comes down to it, they just aren’t practical for those with a significant other or even kids.

Well… the 2015 Chevy SS is changing that. It is a muscle car for grownups.

a muscle car for grownups

The 2015 Chevy SS will be similar in style to this 2014 model.

With a 415 horsepower, 6.2-liter V8 just waiting to roar to life every time you turn the key or get the opportunity to open it up a bit on the open highway, the Chevy SS definitely has enough muscle to meet the fun to drive muscle car requirement of our claim that it is a muscle car for grownups. The second half of that comes from standard magnetic suspension that allows for rapid transitions from a sporty ride to a more leisurely one. To see all the specs, check out this article.

Additionally, the 2015 Chevy SS comes with the upgraded OnStar 4G LTE system that allows the car to operate as a WiFi hotspot. Perfect for keeping kids pacified in the back seat on family road trips.

This best of both worlds sedan truly is a muscle car for grownups. So if you’ve always wanted a muscle car, but practicality was holding you back, it’s time to check out the 2015 Chevy SS at our dealership or

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