If we had to pick an area of the car that goes most underappreciated until something is wrong, we would have to say it is the brakes. Think about it for a minute? Without the brakes you couldn’t realistically drive anywhere without getting into an accident. Well lucky for you, the engineers at GM put the brakes you find in all the Chevy, Buick and GMC vehicles we sell through all manner of rigorous testing. Their goal is to keep you not thinking about your brakes.

“If we do our job correctly, the customer won’t notice our work,” Brent Lowe, GM performance engineer for brake noise development said in a GM press release. “Watch any movie and you’ll hear brake squeal every time a car stops because Hollywood loves to add the brake squeaking sound effect, and nothing bugs me more. We work to make sure our brakes lead the industry in silence.”


One way in which they ensure quietly working brakes is through use of a dynamometer at a state-of-the-art brake facility where the engineers can simulate weather conditions from the worst winter storms to the hottest summer days. They replicate realistic driving scenarios all customers may encounter at some point or other. They replicate these scenarios in a soundproofed room so even the faintest screech will be noticed.

“The concept of a silent brake is actually very complicated,” said Lowe. “Braking creates friction and the more friction present amounts to more noise. Though the sound of brakes squealing is something every driver can easily identify as a nuisance, it is one of the more difficult things to actually remove. We have been very successful at taking on that challenge at GM.”

So while you likely aren’t thinking about your brakes immediately when you come buy a new or used Chevy, Buick or GMC from us here at Lang Chevy, GM engineers wouldn’t want it any other way.

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