Father’s Day is this weekend, so hopefully you’ve already gotten your dad a stellar present. Maybe he needs a new tie or some sort of power tool; you could have even scheduled service for him on his Chevy, Buick or GMC if he’s not a do-it-himself motor head.

Regardless of the present, it is the thought that counts. It is a time to recognize how important your dad is and how much he means to you, which is good… because no present you got him is likely to out-do this 57 Chevy given to a father by his son for his 57th birthday.

While it would be almost impossible to recreate this touching moment, the boy promised his father the car when he was just 8 years old after all, maybe you can help your dad get a new car. Bring him down to Lang Chevrolet Buick GMC and we’ll help him find the car, truck or SUV that’s perfect for him. After all, if your dad is like ours, he won’t mind driving a little bit to save a lot of money!

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