Elon Musk, the multi-billionaire PayPal creator and ultra-entrepreneur, has proposed—and apparently received “verbal” approval—to develop a high-speed tunnel system on the east coast between Washington and New York.

The below-ground Hyperloop transportation system would transform a three-hour train trip to a 29-minute sprint between the two enormous cities.

Now, what does this have to do with us here in the Great Midwest? Believe it or not, Kansas City is one of 35 finalists set to host one of these Hyperloop transportation systems. The underground route, drilled by Musk’s aptly named tunnel venture, The Boring Co., would run 240 miles from Kansas City to St. Louis, taking the four-hour, traffic-plagued slog between KC and SL and turning it into a 23-minute zip.

How, you’re wondering? The Hyperloop would utilize an electric propulsion system to somewhat levitate autonomous pods above a track and jet them at rapid speeds directly between cities. The Hyperloop would run off of precisely-placed magnets, magnetic fields, and wind and solar energy sources. It all sounds like science fiction, but the proposals have been written, the tests have been completed successfully, and it’s really looking like this futuristic Hyperloop transportation system could be coming to us here in Kansas City.

Once the Hyperloop is complete, the roads above will open wide for you to do all the driving you want to do—road trips, weekend excursions, afternoon cruisin’—and none that you don’t—stop-and-go commuting. If you’re ready to meet this liberated future of transportation with an equally state-of-the-art vehicle, visit us at Lang Chevrolet to see our selection of cutting-edge Chevy rides.

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