Keeping up with routine maintenance can be a tad bit difficult for drivers with busy schedules. Fortunately, the manufacturer-suggested maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual is there to remind you of crucial service. Seasonal car care is just as important as routine maintenance and is often forgotten. Fall is quickly approaching, so here are some seasonal car care tips from us here at Lang Chevrolet!

Seasonal Car Care: HeadlightsHeadlights

The days gradually get shorter when fall arrives, so it pays to check on your headlights. Perform a walk-around of your vehicle to spot any burnt-out bulbs and replace them accordingly. Doing so is a necessary safety precaution when it comes to maximizing visibility at night. You could also avoid a traffic ticket for a dead headlight as well!


Fall tends to bring more rain and showers which means less traction on the road. Take the time to inspect your tire tread to ensure there’s enough remaining to maximize your vehicle’s grip on the road. Tread worn below 2/32 of an inch should be replaced as soon as possible.

Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses are crucial components for maximizing a vehicle’s performance and efficiency. While they aren’t usually a major problem or part to replace, it’s still worth taking the time to properly inspect them for wear. It wouldn’t hurt to make sure the fittings are tight as well!

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