Colorado ZR2 reviewsIf you’ve been waiting for first-hand accounts of how the new 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2 drives, you’re in luck—reviews are rolling in, and the consensus is that the ZR2 is the ultimate off-road truck.

The Colorado ZR2 reviews from sites like, Jalopnik, and even Fox News all gush about the ZR2’s excellent suspension, a Multimatic spool-valve suspension that absorbs shock with unprecedented ease.

Using three spool valves that handle off-road bump range, road operating range, and off-road rebound range, the ZR2 can jump completely off the ground and land without so much as jostling the driver. The special suspension also contributes to the ZR2’s ability to seamlessly switch between on- and off-road driving.

The innovative suspension isn’t all that sets the ZR2 apart, though. Its redesigned front end allows for better crawling over tough terrain, and the front and rear locking differentials give you more traction on steep climbs and give the ZR2 a slight leg up on the Ford Raptor. The available diesel engine provides even more torque than the gas engine for better climbing, too.

The ZR2 features unique technology, manageable size, an affordable price tag, and unprecedented comfort on-road and off. Keep an eye out for the ZR2 and give us a call at Lang Chevrolet for more info!

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