Chevrolet Service Inspection

At Lang Chevrolet, the end of winter means more than just the promise of pleasant weather to come. It’s also our favorite time to send some extra love towards our vehicles. You, too, can get your car ready for spring by following these three tips that promise cleanliness in both appearance and performance.

Get a Checkup


The winter can be harsh on a vehicle. Have your mechanic perform a check up on your car. Now might be a good time to get an oil change, to top off fluids like windshield wiper fluid and brake fluid, and to have your tires rotated and inflated to proper PSI.


Prepare for Rain


What’s the point in windshield wiper fluid if your wipers aren’t up for the task? Replace your wipers if needed, or wash them off with rubbing alcohol. This will help prevent streaking when they’re in use, which is both unattractive and dangerous, as it impairs visibility.


Give it a Good Rinse


Pay a few bucks to take your vehicle though the car wash where you can use the pressure hose to rinse the underside of your car. This is a location where road salt tends to build up over the winter, which can cause rusting and ruin your paint job. Keep your car looking pristine by washing it every few weeks.


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