What do you get when you take a classic, powerful, hard-working pickup and customize it for those who dwell in snowy climates? You get the Silverado Alaskan Edition. But you don’t have to live in Alaska to know what it’s like to deal with snow. Heavy downfalls make for tedious driving, especially when there are other drivers around who don’t have the power of a heavy duty Chevy on their side. Thankfully, some choose to make a quick buck by plowing the snow out of the way for those drivers; also thankfully, the Silverado Alaskan Edition comes straight from the factory equipped just for that.

The Silverado Alaskan Edition  is one of 5 new editions in store for the SilveradoThe Silverado Alaskan Edition is built on the 2017 Silverado 2500 HD pickup truck. This means it’s already equipped with powerful torque and smart technology that makes it easy to maneuver and work with. The truck is prepped with a snowplow package, which includes a leveling kit so that the truck doesn’t lose any of its driveability. A 6.6-liter Duramax L5P turbo diesel V8 provides the strength the Chevy needs to push snow away with ease. Inside, the cabin’s floors are completely rubberized for easy cleanup on wintery days. This truck is powerful, intelligent and ready to work, and with its bright blue paint job and the grizzly bear graphic on the back, it looks pretty cool, too.

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