GM’s nine-speed automatic transmission

We’ve got big news.


Recently, General Motors made an announcement that should excite those who enjoy driving (and honestly, who doesn’t?). The automaker has disclosed some early details on its new nine-speed automatic transmission.


GM’s nine-speed automatic transmission is a big deal and will rival the units used by the likes of Land Rover. This unit has a wider ratio spread that allows the engine to work at its optimal level more frequently. According to engineers, it actually stayed in ninth gear about half the time it ran.


Anticipated to be a huge hit and a best-seller that may eventually replace the six-speed, this block boosts fuel economy in Chevrolet vehicles by 2%. That may sound like a small number, but in the long run, that adds up.


General Motors plans to roll out the new transmission in ten vehicles in the next year, starting with the 2017 Chevrolet Malibu, followed by certain versions of the Cruze and Equinox later in the year. The transmission will be targeted at front-wheel drive vehicles, with some all-wheel drive vehicles too.


While the idea of GM’s nine-speed automatic transmission may not sound interesting to everyone, you can see it as yet another way General Motors and Chevrolet are always striving to improve their cars.

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