Buick Avenir Luxury BrandBuick has seen major growth among buyers who want the best of the best in a luxury vehicle. A whopping 90% of Enclave buyers bought one of the top two trims, indicating that there’s a clear demand for top-tier luxury. To answer that demand, Buick announced the launch of the Avenir luxury brand.

The Avenir sub-brand will bring top-tier luxury features to the market. The brand’s name stems from the French word for “future” and indicates the clear design direction Buick plans to take in coming years. A 2015 concept sedan by the same name served as a guidepost for designers and indicates what changes could be coming to Buick.

“Concept cars stretch the boundaries of what is possible and every new Buick is benefitting from this vision work. As the Avenir concept expressed the prestige vision for the portfolio, the addition of an Avenir sub-brand illustrates an important piece of future direction,” said Helen Emsley, executive director, Buick Global Design.

Avenir vehicles will add unique and distinct touches to existing Buick designs, including trim finishes and a three-dimensional mesh grille. Inside, the sub-brand will boast modern materials and unique seat detailing that raise the bar for the luxury segment.

We here at Lang Chevy can’t wait for more details and the launch of the Avenir sub-brand!

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