Kansas City Renaissance FestivalWho doesn’t love the Ren Fest? There’s something so novel about enjoying a day out in a little slice of history, surrounded by actors dressed the part and other guests who have been planning their costume all year. Drop by a tavern for one of the famous Renaissance Festival turkey legs or bring a stack of cash to blow at one of the many unique vendors. That’s what the Kansas City Renaissance Festival is all about, and it officially opened for the 2016 season on September 3rd.

There’s so much to see and do at the Ren Fest that you couldn’t possibly do it in one day. From a plethora of scheduled shows, events, and activities that begin at sun-up and conclude at sun-down, to various competitions, to the numerous themed weekends, to the marketplace filled with games, food, shopping, and more, the KC Renaissance Festival is something you won’t want to miss.

Enjoy the antics of trained actors who help immerse you in this fantasy experience, or any of the numerous dancers, musical groups, and stage acts that are excited to put on a show for you with live music and entertainment. Eat great food and delight yourself in an atmosphere that can’t be experienced anywhere else besides the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

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