Food Trucks in Kansas City

Why go into a restaurant when you can get food from a truck? Food trucks are more popular than ever, and for a reason: good, fast, food! Here’s some food trucks in Kansas City you can’t pass up.


Want BBQ? You’ve got it. This truck has signature hickory-smoked ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and anything BBQ-style you could want! Side dishes are great, too.

Spanish: El Tenedor

This truck has everything you could want with a combination of Spanish, Mediterranean, and International foods.

Pizza: Cheesy Pop’s

This pizza isn’t just your average pizza, it’s wood-fired for an ultimate burst of flavors. And it’s created with fresh and local ingredients!

Bistro: Beauty of the Bistro

With crawfish mac & cheese on the menu, you know you’ll be getting unique and gourmet bistro items from this truck.

Drinks: Savanna Jane Lemonade

Thirsty after all of that delicious food? No problem! Here you can get fresh-squeezed lemonade like it’s fresh off the lemonade stand.

Dessert: Ohana’s Shaved Ice

Take a mini-vacation with this food truck, which has soft shaved ice and super-sweet flavors for an ideal dessert on those hot days.


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