2016 Chevy Cruze Body Styles at Lang Chevy in PaolaThe Chevy Cruze is a compact model known for its efficiency and sporty design. The Cruze actually comes with a range of options, trims, and body styles available, offering car buyers a wide range of selection. The Chevy Cruze body styles include a hatchback, sedan, and station wagon, depending on the model year.

So what’s the difference between body styles? A sedan is the term used for a conventional automobile in the US, according to Edmunds. Technically, this body style includes four doors, a traditional trunk (separate from the cab), with seating for four or five passengers. The Cruze sedan comes with a combination of compact design and cargo room, offering lightweight efficiency while still giving you and your passengers plenty of legroom.

A hatchback is a term used for a European-inspired design that is becoming more and more popular in the US, especially with compact and subcompact models. Hatchbacks come with two or four doors, a sloping rear end, and a hinged trunk that is usually not separate from the cab. Because of the hatchback’s looks, it is sometimes referred to as a five-door model.

The station wagon is an American classic. Although the Cruze is not always offered as a station wagon, there are some used models on the market that come with this unique style (including the 2012 Cruze). A station wagon, or wagon for short, has a roof line that extends beyond the rear door. Generally, they come with an elongated look, with added cargo room and extra seating options. Great for families, the station wagon is known for its comfort and convenience.

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