Manual Stick Shift

These days, the choice of whether to get a car with a manual or automatic transmission is an easy one for most drivers, many of whom don’t even know how to drive a stick shift. But manual transmissions have their benefits, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before you buy.

The reasons to buy a car with an automatic transmission are obvious: they’re simpler to drive, they’re much more common than manual cars, and they don’t require what is quickly becoming specialized, hard to come by training. However, automatic transmissions lack many advantages of manuals.

For driving enthusiasts, manual transmissions are known to offer a more engaging, fun drive than automatic, which makes them a popular choice in sports cars and other high-performance cars. Cars with manual transmissions also have the benefit of being somewhat cheaper than automatic cars, so if you’re looking for the lowest price possible, look into a manual car.

Either way, knowing how to drive stick is a handy skill to have in emergencies, even if you only ever buy automatic cars.

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