If you clean your car on your own, you’re probably used to the car-cleaning products, hoses, soap, Clorox wipes for the inside, all of that. But as it turns out, there are some other more unconventional methods. Here are some unique tips to clean your car:

Tips to clean your car

Clean your wiper blades – Dirty blades can streak your glass. How to fix this? Mix ¼ cup household ammonia to 1 quart cold water. Then lift the blade and clean it with a soft cloth soaked in the solution.

No-wax washer – Want your car shiny without using wax? Mix 1 cup kerosene into a 3-gallon bucket filled with water, then sponge the solution all over your car. Next time it rains, the drops will bead up and roll off your car and lessen the likelihood of rusting.

Simple window-cleaner – Need to clean your windows on the road? Keep baby wipes in your car and use those!

Brighten those headlights – If you have grime on your headlights, grab a bottle of regular window cleaner and an old pair of panty hose. Rub the lights vigorously until they shine!

These are easy tips, but if you want a thorough clean, we suggest a professional car wash!

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