Shopping for the car lover in your life is easy thanks to the thousands of auto-related items on the market today. Whether you want a practical gift for your loved one or something a little more whimsical, you’re sure to find something great in these car-themed Valentine’s Day gifts.

car-themed Valentine’s Day gifts

Guys (or girls!) who love their cars and like them looking shiny and new will appreciate a nice car wash kit, complete with interior detail cleaner, wheel and tire cleaner, wax, and sponges and cloths made to give their car a perfect finish. In the same vein, if your significant other has mentioned wanting a new paint job or another kind of cosmetic upgrade, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time!

If your SO likes to do at-home maintenance, consider getting them an upscale set of tools, a diagnostic scanner, a portable jump starter, or whatever new tool they’ve had their eye on.

The less handy drivers might appreciate gifts that enhance their driving experience, like a satellite radio subscription. And for the racing fans, a pair of race tickets or a day of stock car driving will make this Valentine’s Day perfect.

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