Feel like you’ve seen all there is to see in the wonderful state of Kansas? Here are just a few of the odd travel destinations in Kansas:

odd travel destinations in Kansas

Strataca in Hutchinson

Arguably one of the quirkiest museums in the world, Strataca actually began as a salt mine in 1923. In 2007, one half the mine was converted to a geological museum, among other things, while the other half still operates as a salt mine.

Sure, you can look at rocks at Strataca. You can also admire the various Hollywood costumes that are on-display, including an authentic Superman costume. You can even take a ride on a shuttle through a pitch-black tunnel.


Truckhenge in Topeka

While Stonehenge remains a mystery, the story of how Truckhenge was born is well known (though it makes it no less interesting). Mr. Ron Lessman owned a farm in which one field he had parked a number of old pickup trucks. Shawnee County officials, aka the Man, gave Lessman orders to “pick his trucks up.”

In a move of astounding genius, Lessman chose to interpret their orders literally and buried one end of each truck in the ground. The result is a sight that has subsequently been designated as art.


Lawrin Gravesite in Prairie Village

For horse race fans or anyone bored enough, the Lawrin Gravesite is certainly an odd site. Lawrin was a race horse that won the Kentucky Derby in 1938. The horse was buried on Woolford Farms, where it was born and where it trained. Eventually Woolford Farms was sold and developed. Nowadays it’s a suburb…with a single burial site in the middle of it.

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