The Consumer Electric Show (CES) usually brings about new products, but the buzz this year is for the unveiling of the production 2018 Chevy Bolt. The keynote speaker of the CES is GM’s CEO Mary Barra, which allows the automobile maker to spotlight the new Chevy Bolt.

2018 Chevy Bolt
Mainstream media outlets are planning on covering the event, which allows for consumers to have more access to the knowledge about the Chevy Bolt. This vehicle could be a major success for Chevy. Pricing is expected to be below $40,000 and the range of the vehicle should be able to go about 200 miles between charges.


The Chevy Bolt is expected to be competition to the upcoming Tesla Model 3. The Bolt will be a practical and affordable all-electric vehicle, sold in all 50 states. This vehicle may be able to push electric cars into the mainstream.


The Consumer Electric Show has recently increased the amount of vehicles shown, as automakers now take the CES as an opportunity to show off their latest technologies. GM is rumored to begin production of the Bolt towards the end of 2016 with the vehicle becoming available in 2017.

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