For many of us, the cold winter months can be the most dangerous time of the year to drive, with snow and ice creating hazardous roads. One way to combat this is with snow tires, a special type of tire specifically designed for winter weather. We know what you’re thinking, it’s not even cold yet… But planning ahead will save you headaches by the time that first storm rolls in.

Snow Tires Vs. Regular Tires

Snow tires are different than regular tires in that they are made with more rubber and silica than standard tires. This is better for the cold, because the synthetic tire that most regular tires are made of tends to harden and freeze-up in the cold.

Additionally, the tread areas on snow tires are designed to more efficiently distribute water, radically decreasing your chances of hydroplaning – when a layer of water or ice causes your tire to lose traction, making the vehicle glide – a chief concern for icy roads.

Whether you live in a region that is sure to be snow-covered this winter, or your area might just get hit with an occasional snowstorm, employing snow tires on your vehicle is a safe move that you won’t regret.

If you have more questions about snow tires vs. regular tires, feel free to contact Lang Chevy’s service department.

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