Chevy is now among the first car manufacturers to offer Google, Apple, and Android Auto and CarPlay in its new fleet of 2016 Chevrolet models. This slick interface will allow drivers to use navigation, send and receive texts, speak on the phone, and use certain apps either hands free or with their Chevy’s in-dash touchscreen. The new technology will come pre-loaded on the Chevy Cruze starting at the end of June and quickly will encompass the entire Chevrolet lineup.

What makes the 2016 Chevrolet infotainment interface so much better than others is that the technology that powers the driver’s phone is the same technology that can turn the center display of a new Chevy into an IOS device. When the user plugs their smartphone into their car, the infotainment system recognizes it and allows the pre-loaded interface to display menu and function screens along with hands-free functionality.


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