Offering parents the best when it comes to child safety seats, GM engineers recently developed a new system for the Chevrolet Traverse using the Xbox 360. You heard right. The Kinect motion sensor, initially developed for the video game system, can be used to help make sure a vehicle is ideal for an array of safety seats.

According to Chevy, the idea is to digitize the shape of a child safety seat using the Kinect sensor, a fraction of the cost of an industrial scanner. Talk about smart Chevy safety technology, eh?

Chevy safety technology

“There are over 250 different makes and models of child safety seats on the market, and new or revised models are introduced every year,” said Julie Kleinert, GM’s Global Child Safety Technical Lead,  “and the lack of an industry standard for the size and shape of child seats makes it quite challenging for vehicle engineers.”

What makes the Kinect different? According to engineers it’s one of the most powerful scanners on the market, capable of superimposing images and enabling voice control. As of now, this concept was presented during the 2015 SAE World Congress as a technical paper, but the actual device has yet to be used for production.

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