People buy trucks because they are strong, reliable, have a great towing capacity the list goes on and on. One thing you’ll seldom find truck buyers considering is how they can fit their baby seat in the back seat. The 2015 GMC Canyon is changing that.

With an innovative design change to the rear jump seats of the 2015 GMC Canyon you can slide out the headrest and attach it to the bottom seat cushion so that 80% of a car seats base can fit – 80% is the legally mandated amount that must be covered.

2015 GMC Canyon

“It’s an elegant solution that makes efficient use of the limited space in the rear seat in this type of vehicle, by allowing us to adapt the seat cushion length for child restraint installation,” Eduardo Bugelli, the Canyon’s safety performance team lead, said in a GMC press release. “The additional seat cushion length provides more support to the child restraint, which helps to reduce the rotation and the risk of injury in a crash.”

That video shows exactly what Bugelli is talking about if you were confused at all. There is also this great article on the 2015 GMC Canyon innovation as well.

As one of the largest retailers of GMC trucks in the area, it makes us here at Lang Chevy Buick GMC proud to sell these great trucks knowing the company is constantly innovating and finding new ways to keep you and your children safe while driving.

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