General Motors has announced a price reduction for the base 2015 Chevy Spark EV 1LT, which now costs $25,995, down $1,500 from the previous manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

More importantly, GM is also lowering the lease price. Getting your hands on a Spark EV lease now costs a mere $139/month for 39 months with no down-payment, which is significantly less than the original $199/month for 36 months and $999 down-payment. That’s only $5,421 for just over three years, down from $8,163!

But it doesn’t stop there. GM is offering bonus cash in all three states where the Spark EV is available ($1,000 in California, $1,200 in Maryland, and $3,500 in Oregon), which when combined with the already-exiting state EV incentives and $7,500 tax credit means you could own an electric Spark for a low $14,995.

While we don’t yet sell the Spark EV here at Lang Chevy, you can still get a great deal on the 2015 Spark!

Spark EV lease

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