Shocking millions of viewers during the Super Bowl, Chevy decided to play a practical joke to get the attention of everyone watching. If you caught the game, you probably saw the latest Chevy commercial which begins with static and then turns into a blank screen, only to be followed by a Chevy announcement.

The Chevy Super Bowl commercial had some football fans panicking for a moment, but Chevy wanted to use this moment to draw attention to the new Chevy Colorado. The Colorado was recently named the Motor Trend Truck of the Year®. Jokingly, Chevy explained that having 4G LTE Wi-Fi, like in a Colorado, could allow uninterrupted live streaming of the game.

“When you have a groundbreaking product like the Chevy Colorado, you must deliver groundbreaking advertising like we are today.” said Paul Edwards, U.S. vice president, Chevrolet Marketing.

Whether the ad shocked you or made you laugh, Chevy’s goal was just to get your heart pumping a bit. According to Chevy, the Colorado also deserved some attention, especially since it was unanimously voted the Truck of the Year, something that rarely happens. With incredible styling, great performance, and let’s not forget, 4G Wi-Fi, it’s no wonder the Colorado was the obvious choice.

Test drive the new Colorado at Lang Chevrolet to test out the 4G Wi-Fi for yourself!

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