Chevrolet proudly unveiled its electric Chevy Bolt at the Detroit Auto Show, and the affordable, range-extended hatchback is poised to be a game changer in the electric car market. Promising an all-electric driving range of more than 200 miles at a price around $30,000, the Bolt is more affordable and practical than any EV before it.

Chevy Bolt

The Bolt concept features a flat battery pack, which allows a flat, through-floor design – unusual for an electric car. Most EVs sacrifice interior space, either in the trunk or in the cabin’s floor in order to make space for the battery. A new flat design allows the battery to remain inconspicuous and adds interior space, which Chevy says will fit four adults comfortably.

The driver has the ability to choose from several operating modes designed to optimize certain driving conditions, like daily commuting or leisure cruising. These modes adjust vehicle ride height, accelerator pedal mapping, and suspension tuning.

The future Tesla Model 3 is Chevy’s only similar competitor in this market, although so far it’s all talk from Tesla. The automaker claims that its Model 3 will be priced at $35,000 before tax incentives and will boast a similar driving range as the Bolt, though that remains to be seen.

According to GM Authority, Chevy hopes to bring a production version of the Bolt (likely with a different name, thankfully) to Lang Chevrolet and dealerships nationwide in 2017.

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