Great vehicles never truly go out of style. In fact, that ability to withstand the test of time is what proves their greatness. Chevrolet hasn’t produced the Custom Sport Truck model since the 1960s, but there’s always a market for powerful, sporty trucks. Therefore, the brand has brought the Custom Sport Truck back, at least in spirit, in the form of a new special edition Chevrolet Truck.

Special Edition Chevrolet Truck

The 2015 Silverado Custom Sport won’t look much different from this 15 Silverado LT, but see exactly what the special edition Chevrolet truck offers over the standard model.

That new truck, called the 2015 Silverado Custom Sport, brings a different edge of style to the legendary full-size truck. With body-colored front and rear bumpers and chrome black grille, the Custom Sport package brings a minimalist aesthetic to the truck—but with maximum results. “The Custom Sport special edition was inspired by Chevy Custom Sport Trucks of the late 1960s,” said Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet Trucks marketing director. “Those CST models added a touch of elegance to a great all-around truck, just like the Custom Sport package for the new Silverado.”

You can get the Custom Sport package on select trims of the 2015 Silverado, specifically the LT and LTZ. The LT comes in either black or white paint, while the LTZ comes in either black or White Diamond Tricoat. Come see us here at Lang Chevrolet to learn more about the sport package, its availability, and everything else about the Silverado today.

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