Duncan Aldred, Vice President of Buick-GMC Sales, Service and Marketing, sat down to talk all things Buick and GMC with Autoline. The VP looked dapper and confident—and so he should. Both brands are performing exceptionally well. Aldred explained why the success of Buick and GMC is happening and why it will continue.

Aldred spoke at length on Buick’s success. Part of its prosperity results from maintaining a concise lineup, he said. Buick currently offers five models. Expanding that lineup could mean resources get wasted on too much advertising. Instead, he’d like to see those resources devoted to the models they already have.

Success of Buick and GMC

The success of Buick and GMC has been driven by popular models like the 2015 Encore.

GMC is also doing quite well. Aldred predicted it will push 500,000 units by year’s end. Like a parent rewarding a child for a superb report card, GM will fork over some serious advertising dollars for GMC come 2015. This will permit “the GMC story” to be told.

Success of Buick and GMC

Some of the success of Buick and GMC can be attributed to exciting new models like the 2015 GMC Canyon

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