In any public service campaign, the goal is to make the message memorable. You want to put together images that convey a simple idea so those who see or hear it will retain it. Buick of China, working with the agency Lowe and Partners, has made such a campaign.

But to understand where the company is coming from, you have to first understand how dangerous it is to drive or walk in China. Branding Magazine explained, “In China someone dies as a result of a traffic accident every ten minutes.” A common cause that runs through most of these accidents is drivers and pedestrians ignoring traffic signs.

With that in mind, Buick contacted traffic victims and relatives of traffic victims. It then took a series of haunting, and extremely effective, images. These images feature the victims, many of whom are sadly missing limbs, holding traffic signs presumably at the sight of their own accidents. This Buick public service campaign is one that will surely leave an impression on you.

We here at Lang Chevrolet would like to urge everyone to drive safely and always remember what’s at stake.

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