Owners who wish to enhance the track performance of their 2010-2015 Camaros should look no further than the factory-engineered 1LE and Z/28 components available at Lang Chevrolet.

The parts are designed by Chevrolet Performance engineers to deliver the best possible Camaro track capability without over-the-top modifications and by simply replacing the stock parts.

Camaro Track Capability

To show their potential, Chevrolet tested three different modified Camaros—the stock SS, the Ultimate Street Camaro SS, and Ultimate Track Camaro SS. The Ultimate Street version managed to improve the stock’s lap times around GM’s Milford Proving Ground by 5.8 seconds and the Ultimate Track model by yet another 2.87 seconds.

“The standard Camaro SS offers a great balance of style and performance, ideal for street driving,” said Mark Dickens, director, Chevrolet Performance. “Adding components from the Camaro 1LE shifts the balance more toward performance. Adding targeted performance components from the Z/28, and more horsepower, creates a completely track-focused car.”

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