With the upcoming SEMA show in Las Vegas, Chevy has decided to roll out a number of performance-based concepts for their new passenger cars. We here at Lang Chevrolet can’t wait to see the new Chevy SEMA lineup premier on November 4th.

The SEMA show is the world’s largest automotive convention focusing on aftermarket parts and accessories. The Chevy SEMA lineup features a new SS Sport, Sonic, Impala, and Cruze, all of which have been fine-tuned with performance in mind.

Chevy SEMA lineup

The 2015 Chevy Impala came to SEMA as a “Blackout Concept.” You’ll want to see what they did to it.

Paul Edwards, VP of Chevy Marketing said, “Chevrolet’s 2015 passenger car lineup … [offers] customers a wide range of great-looking, great-driving and well-connected choices. They’re personal cars, too, and these concepts suggest possibilities of how to amplify Chevrolet’s heritage of performance and fun-to-drive spirit to make them even more personal.”

According to GM, the SS Sport is particularly sinister, sporting a fire-red exterior and black racing stripes. The SS Sport features a powerful V-8, a new grille kit, a rear spoiler, and 20” black wheels, among other things. Alongside the Chevy Impala Blackout concept, the SS Sport concept is one of the most aggressive designs we’ve seen from Chevy in a long time.

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