Chevrolet has just marked a special occasion with more than one million mini Chevy Sparks sold around the world. The Spark first went on sale in late 2009 as the Beat in India. Since then, it has expanded to 71 markets across the globe.

The biggest market for the small Spark is South Korea, followed by the United States and then Mexico. Here in the US, the Spark is gaining in popularity and sales are up 10% year-to-date.

Chevy sparks sold

“Our small cars – Spark, Sonic and Cruze – attract more new car buyers to Chevrolet than any other vehicles in the lineup, with more than 60 percent of buyers never owning a Chevy before,” said Alan Batey, executive vice president of Global Chevrolet, in a statement.

More and more, Chevrolet’s lineup of small cars is attracting younger buyers to the brand. This year alone, Chevrolet saw a sales increase of 9% for its small cars from buyers under the age of 35.

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